FieldTrip Wichita Ambassador Program

We are currently recruiting ambassadors to join us helping with upcoming FieldTrip Wichita retreats. This is a work/trade position, and allows you to experience one FieldTrip Wichita retreat at no cost. Due to limited availability at this time and our desire to share the love with lots of people, we will be choosing only one new ambassador per retreat.

What You Get

  • Free attendance/participation in one FieldTrip Wichita retreat
  • 50% discount coupon to use on future FieldTrip Wichita retreat fees to use for yourself or to pass along to a friend!
  • Access to the FieldTrip Wichita online community

What’s Required

  • Share events and/or promotions weekly via personal social media account
  • Take at least two group photos during retreat and post to social media
  • Write and post testimonial of experience post-retreat
  • Ambassadors may also help with transportation of retreat attendees using personal vehicle (as needed)

How to Apply

  • Complete the application form below
  • Please note: you will attend the event that you are chosen to help promote. Please check out our latest events and let us know if you are NOT able to attend/be an ambassador for any certain dates.

field trip wichita ambassador application

Your Name *
Your Name
Summary of your work history/community involvement (one to two paragraphs)